A new recreational pier and wellness spa for Scheveningen resort

Axonometric view
Axonometric view of level 0: entrance, restaurant & spa
Axonometric view of level-1: spa
Capturing nature: wind, waves and summer & winter solstice
The design consists of two walls. The outer wall rejects the everyday/known. The inner wall opens up to nature.
Organisation of function in cross section
Stroll on the pier
On the public roof
Interior, the spa
Plan Level -1
Cross sections
Long section of inner wall
Materials and colors used to express multiple atmospheres

explorelab 18 / msc 3&4
scheveningen, the netherlands location
4500 m2 size
leisure & wellness spa function

Today, seaside resorts struggle to meet the desired program of pleasure within their society. As a result, the architecture, like that of piers, is decaying. This decay befalls from seaside resorts unable to respond to continuously changing trends and fashions in leisure, stagnating incomes and high maintenance costs.

This plan focusses on a long term existence through the creation of exclusivity, attempting to be less influenced by changing trends and fashions on free time activities.

On a larger scale the design captures the elements of the sea to create the sublime; The wind, the waves, and all sunsets. On a smaller scale the design offers a place of removal from the everyday and exposure to the sea. Through the notion of reorientation, one is distanced from the previous. Further distancing and removing oneself from the known is formed through intimate spaces. These spaces are defined by different materials, shapes, proportions and coloured lights.