A cardboard constructed design for the World Expo 2012 Yeosu

A recyclable / biodegradable pavilion

1. cardboard tubes 2. steel columns 3. cardboard roof 3. ETFE isolation pillows with PV cells
Plan of Expo floor
Roof construction

building technology & design / bsc6
yeosu, south korea location
6000 m2 size
world expo 2012 function
jasper poortvliet in cooperation with

The Cardboard Pavilion is a design responding to the assignment of the World expo 2012 held in South Korea. This area is known to have a hot and humid climate and therefore the idea of using cardboard almost seems contradictory. Cardboard is however capable of lasting in humid conditions for several months with use of coatings. With inspiration and calculations from the architect Shiguru Ban the designed construction for the World Expo in cardboard was developed for the technology and design assignment.

The use of cardboard is sustainable. Cardboard can be re-used and is biodegradable. The Dutch pavilion can represent the ambitious innovative ideas from The Netherlands and simultaneously offer a great experience for visitors from all over the world.